Stationed vs Passed Appatizers

Stationing appetizers always seems like a good idea, however it can be more exspensive and many caterers will pass them for free (We do) I tell every bride one of the best ways to save money is on appetizers 'keep it expensiveness" no need to fill everyone up, when more food is on the way.

Slow Roll

We call it a slow roll keeping the guests entertained while you're getting your pictures or flipping the room. Some will go with no appetizers however if you do go quicker to food. You dont want your guests acting like one of my kids "when do we eat" "when do we eat" It also gives the crew a chance to answer questions like "whats for dinner and where are the bathrooms etc..

How Much

Keep it light and inexpensive, things like fresh chopped fruit in a little wine cup, caprese', or bourbon meatballs all make great serviceable snacks. I would stay away from heavy more expensive thing like Brisket minis, Quesadillas etc... Because you are passing them you can also split them two diffrent appetizers 100 of each on 200 guest. Frankly, splitting 2 is probably enough, however, many will still go for a third full. I would say yes, however, if needed this would be one of my first budget cuts.

What Kind

The list of appetizers is long. Your not looking to fill them up so keep them light and tasty! Things that can go in a small clear plastic wine cup work great like Heirloom salad, chopped fruit (Good if children are there) Bourbon Meatballs etc... easy to pass easy to eat foods work great.

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